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Launched 01/01/1948

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    AB Federn - Germany

    The main production line is situated in the branch AB Federn GmbH in Germany. Production and distribution for Europe is executed here
    Contact AB Federn by e-mail: or for further information visit our website.
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    MAX Federn GmbH - Germany

    We proudly present our new company, MAX Springs. Max Springs is an online webshop with a wide variety of standard springs. Contact Max Springs by e-mail: or learn more about Max Springs and visit our website.
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    Bakker Springs - The Netherlands

    The Bakker Group has its origin in The Netherlands. Here we produce technical springs for international distribution. Contact Bakker Springs BV by e-mail: or for further information visit our website.
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    Blue Springs - China

    To supply the Asian market with technical springs we have a branch in China for some years now. Blue Springs offers a wide range of technical springs and efficient distribution of the products. Contact Blue Springs Ltd by e-mail: or for further information visit our website.

About Us

Welcome at the website of Bakker Group. We are a company with a core business that consists of producing technical springs and related items. With multiple branches we are operating worldwide.

On the left you can find information about our different companies and branches.
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We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Our products

All of our products are produced with the greatest care and are of the highest quality. Many different sizes are possible. We also offer special treatments on our technical springs, such as chroming, powder coating, nickel plating, and so on. Of course various packaging options are available.

If you are interested in our products or have any question at all, please contact us and we can discuss your wishes :
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Mr. A.J. Bakker

A.J. Bakker

CEO | Owner

Mrs. R. Ludema

R. Ludema

General Manager | Netherlands
T: (+31) 050-5772754

Ms. S.L. Bakker

S.L. Bakker

General Manager | Germany
T: (+49) 04964-60590

Ms. A. Wen

A. Wen

General Manager | China
T: (+86) 750-3767769

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